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Create Content Your Customers & Search Engines Will Love

SEO that continues to give.

It's great to rank well for the keywords your audience is searching for. But SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about so much more than that.

It's about creating content your audience will love. This doesn't only help them find you. It also builds trust, fosters authority for your brand, creates loyalty and increases the likelihood that your SEO marketing efforts will lead to leads and sales.

At Lifetime Media, our customer-focused SEO services are navigated by a more strategic approach that unlocks real business growth and brand advocacy.


Grow Your Business The Right Way

Our methodology combines strategy, research, creativity, data analysis and optimisation to help you achieve your business goals.
How We Help You Grow

Our SEO Services


Discover the Content Your Customers Will Love

We help you know your customer and their journey better. This lays the foundation for the meaningful content your audience and search engines will love.  


Attract, Engage & Delight Your Customers

Create meaningful, valuable, search engine optimised content for every stage of the customer journey. 


Boost Search Engine Love

Optimise your webpages for the keywords that matter most to your audience and search engines.


Write for People & Search Engines

Write blog posts and web pages that provide meaning to search engines and delight your audience.


Don't Sweat The Hard Stuff

Do page load times, redirects or robots.txt give your nightmares? We're here to fight the monsters.


Rank Better

Build relationships with relevant, good quality websites that will take your rankings to the next level.
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"Our website leads have grown from 100 or so leads per month to over 400 per month. Expand a Sign generated a turnover in excess of 1 million rand through our website in the first year and we are tracking way ahead of that number in our second year."
Kirsty Fonzari
Expand a Sign
"Lifetime Media has been responsible for assisting us with some of our biggest digital marketing projects in recent years. Since enlisting their expertise, our company has seen a great return on investment, a significant increase in lead generation."
Christel Willet

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