Lifetime Media Portfolio: Noonoo Pie
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Noonoo Pie

As one of our long-standing clients, we’ve seen Noonoo Pie grow from infancy to maturity. As their creative partners since the beginning, we’ve had the pleasure of working with them on a number of projects.

Services provided:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging design & printing
  • Advertising (Print & digital)
  • Flyer design & printing
  • eCommerce website design & development

What Sam has to say:

As a company we needed an “all in one package.” We had a very amateur, home designed logo and knew that branding is the most important step in growing your business. If your brand is not attractive and professional it will reflect poorly on your product. Lifetime Media provided this whole solution – branding together with website design. We didn’t really have much idea on how it should look, just a few vague feelings and the team at Lifetime Media managed to create exactly what we wanted off very limited information and very few decent photographs!

The result of using a team like Lifetime Media has been phenomenal! Online sales started slowly in the first month, but then took off. The number one comment was that our website was so attractive and easy to navigate. I believe that because the website was so professional, people felt they could trust us with online purchases. If a company website is not up to standard, consumers will be very weary because of all the online fraud that takes place. The other sales channel that has taken off is our sales to boutiques and stockists. The key for those sales has been the attractive packaging design – in other words, our product looks great on the shelves thanks again to Lifetime Media’s design. We have been told that our product sells faster than competing brands simply because it catches the customer’s eye first.

The great thing about Lifetime Media is the team dynamic. When you have new packaging or products to add, they meet with you as a team so that all the elements fit together – marketing, design and technical. The technical support for the website back-end is also great.

I would say that banding and design is so often overlooked when you first start a business. Very often people feel like they just do not have the extra money to spare, but actually this is one of the foundational elements of building a successful business (together with a great product!) Without it I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have lasted past a year or two before giving up. The money spent on design will never go to waste.

If you are wondering whether to use Lifetime Media’s services or not – don’t hesitate! They are a fantastic team who are absolutely dedicated to their profession.