Lifetime Media - Our Story
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Our Story

We’re a happy team of dreamers and do-ers, held together by a common passion – we love to add real value to the lives and businesses of those we serve (and have a ton of fun doing it).

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But to truly understand who we are now, we have to take you back to the beginning...

Lifetime Media was born in the era of Web 2.0, a time when people believed a logo was their brand and everyone wanted a website but no-one knew why. For the first 10 years we helped change the face of companies, built websites that looked and performed beautifully and designed marketing material that helped companies stand out from their competition.

But the world began changing. The connected digital landscape exploded, and people started having 24/7, meaningful conversations with each other (and companies) online. At first we were excited, caught up in the new possibilities of communicating and connecting, but we soon realized something was missing. The old ways of advertising weren’t working as well anymore, and we began to realise that focusing on the face of a company wasn’t enough, we had to focus on it’s heart…

How could we discover the purpose and real value a company creates in the world, and communicate it to the people who matter? That is what branding is all about – relationships built around passion and the difference it makes in the lives of your tribe. We had found our true purpose in this new landscape – we wanted to make a real difference by helping others make a difference themselves.

With a can-do attitude, honesty and a team of enthusiastic experts in design, brand strategy and digital technologies, we now view every project through a new lens – one that is focused on real business growth for our clients. We are a part of a world that is looking for meaning, a reason to exist and to make real difference. Whilst everyone else is shouting for attention to whoever will listen, we now focus on helping our clients discover their true purpose and value, and guide them in building relationships with the people that want to hear from them.

We still get excited about the ever-changing digital world, but for a slightly different reason…

We haven’t stopped providing great design, functional and beautiful digital experiences and we definitely still love the thrill of being in this exciting industry. But mostly, we get excited because we believe that the work we do doesn’t just look good, it makes a real difference for our clients companies too.

Jacqui Engelbrecht

Founder / Co-Owner
Creative Director
Commercial Photographer

Bruce Engelbrecht

Digital Design & Marketing
Mobile App Development

Christine Coulon

Graphic Designer
Digital Design & Animation

Sbu Msomi

DTP Operator
Print Production

"Our website leads have grown from 100 or so leads per month to over 400 per month. Expand a Sign generated a turnover in excess of 1 million rand through our website in the first year and we are tracking way ahead of that number in our second year." - Kirsty Fonzari, Marketing Manager at Expand a Sign.
You are the most fabulous brand and marketing team ! What a pleasure to work with you all. Your creativity is inspired and you work with honesty and integrity. - Samantha Nathan, Owner at NooNoo Pie.