Brand, Design & Digital Agency in Durban - Lifetime Media
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Cultivating Brand Love

Meaningful brand strategy, design & digital experiences that help grow your business.

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Our Offering in a Nutshell.


Gain clarity and purpose for your company with our brand strategy workshops.


Grab your client’s attention and communicate with them in relevant and strategic ways with our graphic design & printing services.


Connect with your customers online and engage them along their journey to purchase with our digital design & marketing.


Tell compelling brand stories that resonate with your audience and drive business growth.

How we Cultivate Brand Love

As a brand and digital agency that cares more about the success of our clients than the colour of our hair, we take a strategic approach in everything we do.

By planting the right seeds upfront with our brand strategy workshops, we help you nurture and grow relationships with clients that are meaningful, profitable and sustainable.

We're not a design agency that will just give you a logo or website (although we pride ourselves in doing those well), and pretend that's all it takes to grow your business. We understand that a good logo or website is only half the job – the rest is how you use them to attract, engage and build relationships with your clients that will help you, and them, get where they want to go.

"I worked with and used Lifetime Media for many of my own clients when doing marketing consulting and I have only good things to say: they are fantastic at getting any job done well AND on time (a hard thing to come by!!) and very accommodating with last minute requests from even the most demanding customers! I would highly recommend them." - Saya Pitham, Marketing Consultant
The result of using a team like Lifetime Media has been phenomenal! Online sales started slowly in the first month, but then took off! The number one comment was that our website was so attractive and easy to navigate. I believe that because the website was so professional, people felt they could trust us with online purchases. - Samantha Nathan, Owner at NooNoo Pie.

We're a happy team of dreamers and do-ers, held together by a common passion – we love to add real value to the lives and businesses of those we serve (and have a ton of fun doing it)

Jacqui Engelbrecht

Founder / Co-Owner
Creative Director
Commercial Photographer

Bruce Engelbrecht

Digital Design & Marketing
Mobile App Development

Christine Coulon

Graphic Designer
Digital Design & Animation

Sbu Msomi

DTP Operator
Print Production